Spring again

The air has a smell again. They left the bar and lingered on the sidewalk, next to the bus stop, I shut the window, but I could still hear them. It’s funny how this city tricks you into feeling alone when you never are. I shut the window to shut them out and it was too hot in my apartment. Spring is here.

Dear Sister: Why Should You Cut Your Hair Short. A persuasive essay.

Hi, Sister. Here’s you. With your pretty long-long hair and what appears to be an actual baby chicken. I know that you’re reluctant to cut your lovely locks, but a recent perm has left them somewhat damaged, and the thought of going short-short has crossed your mind. You’ve expressed concern that a lack of hair may be unflattering to your beauty marked face. Allow me to present the following body of evidence which clearly suggests otherwise.

Exhibit A: Anya Ayoung-Chee

So there’s this adorable Trinidadian gal on Project Runway named Anya. I’ve been steadfastly rooting for her from the beginning of the season without consciously acknowledging why, but let’s be real, it’s because she’s hip and she’s reppin’ the browns. I love that. So what if she can’t sew a sleeve? Anyway, you may notice that Anya’s hair is actually not “short”, but it is shaved short on the side, which really makes her face pop.

Exhibit B: Zoe Saldana

Despite the fact that Avatar is still The Dumbest Shit I Have Ever Seen, this girl looks good in a bob.

Exhibit C: Ri-Ri

Rihanna, obviously, can rock the short-short. Still feminine and lovely, with an edge. Need I wax poetic about Rihanna being beautiful? No. But look at those hoops! Short hair opens the door to the big-ass earring store.

Exhibit D: Vanessa Hudgens

What’s this, you say? Why, it’s your doppelganger herself: Vanessa Hudgens! Minus the long ‘do, she looks so sophisticated and ladylike that I can almost forget this:


I hereby rest my case. I hope that this heartening evidence is enough to get your little butt in the salon chair. Bite the bullet, I say. It’s lady time.